Xel Lite Wallet Guide

A quick summary of Xel Lite Wallet Guide

Welcome to XEL!

GitHub version

XEL is a decentralized supercomputer based on cryptography and blockchain technology.


clone the repository

git clone https://github.com/xel-software/xel-lite-wallet
cd xel-lite-wallet

compile it

mvn package

start from the command line:

  • Linux/macOS: ./start.sh
  • Windows: run.bat

wait for the JavaFX wallet window to open
on platforms without JavaFX, open http://localhost:17876/ in a browser

Improve it

  • we love pull requests
  • we love issues (resolved ones actually )
  • in any case, make sure you leave your ideas
  • assist others on the issue tracker
  • review existing code and pull requests

Troubleshooting (XEL Reference Software)

  • How to Stop the XEL Server?

    • click on XEL Stop icon, or run ./stop.sh
    • or if started from command line, ctrl+c or close the console window
  • UI Errors or Stacktraces?

    • report on github