# XEL - community wiki <img src="/uploads/logo/3400-x-3400.png" alt="xel" width="16" height="16"> **Welcome to the XEL - community wiki, a great place to learn about XEL, an Open Source project driven by passionate developers and a supportive community .** **Support Wiki** ----- - <a href="support-wiki">Support Us</a> **Lite Wallet** ----- - <a href="xel-lite-wallet-guide">Full guide</a> **XELINE Wallet** ----- - <a href="about-xeline">About</a> - <a href="windows-xeline">Windows - Xeline Tutorial</a> - <a href="mac-os-xeline">MacOS - Xeline Tutorial</a> - <a href="linux-xeline">Linux - Xeline Tutorial</a> **Offline Wallet** ----- - <a href="offline-wallet">Official Offline Wallet</a> **XEL Miner** ----- - <a href="xel-miner-guide">Full guide</a> **XEL (ePL)** ----- - <a href="about-epl">About</a> - <a href="e-pl-programming">ePL Programming</a> - <a href="e-pl-submitting-tasks">ePL Submitting Tasks</a> - <a href="e-pl-advanced-tactics">ePL Advanced Tactics</a> **Code Samples (ePL)** ----- - <a href="e-pl-sample">ePL Sample</a> - <a href="e-pl-simple-job">ePL Sample Job</a> - <a href="e-pl-storage-job">ePL Storage Job</a> - <a href="e-pl-bitcoin-mining">ePL Bitcoin Mining</a> - <a href="e-pl-travelling-salesman">ePL Travelling Salesman</a> **Forging** ----- - <a href="forging">Forging</a> **GitHub Links** ----- - <a href="https://github.com/xel-software/xel-lite-wallet">Lite Wallet</a> - <a href="https://github.com/xel-software/xeline/releases">Xeline Wallet</a> - <a href="https://github.com/xel-software/xel-miner">Xel Miner</a> - <a href="https://github.com/xel-software/xel-block-explorer">Block Explorer</a> - <a href="https://github.com/xel-software/xel-installer-docker">Docker Based Installer</a> - <a href="https://github.com/xel-community">Community GitHub</a> **Other Links** ----- - <a href="https://explorer.xel.org/">Explorer</a> - <a href="https://xel.org/">XEL Website</a> - <a href="https://github.com/elastic-community/wiki-official">Wiki on GitHub</a> - <a href="https://m.do.co/c/2aac5da46414">Digitalocean to Rent a Server</a> - <a href="https://www.vultr.com/?ref=7552200">Vultr to Rent a Server</a> **Social Links** ----- - <a href="https://link.xel.org/coinmarketcap">CoinMarketCap</a> - <a href="https://link.xel.org/youtube">Youtube</a> - <a href="https://twitter.com/elastic_coin">Twitter</a> - <a href="https://link.xel.org/facebook">Facebook</a> - <a href="https://link.xel.org/reddit">Reddit</a> - <a href="https://link.xel.org/bitcointalk">Bitcointalk</a> - <a href="https://link.xel.org/medium">Medium</a> - <a href="https://link.xel.org/telegram">Telegram</a> - <a href="https://link.xel.org/discord">Discord</a> - <a href="https://link.xel.org/investfeed">InvestFeed</a> **XEL API** ----- - <a href="xel-api">XEL API</a> - <a href="xel-api-description">XEL API Description</a> - <a href="xel-kit-for-javascript">XEL API Developer Tools</a> **To Do** ----- - <a href="https://github.com/elastic-community/xel-community-tasks/labels/social%20medias">To Do</a> - <a href="https://crowdin.com/project/XELelastic">Help To Translate </a> **Warning** ----- > <img src="/uploads/warning/warning-2-256.png" alt="Elastic" width="32" height="32"> > >This software is highly experimental and may contain unknown bugs. >By using this software you clearly state that you are using the software at your own risk. >This means, that nobody else except you is liable for any kinds of losses that are connected to XEL, it's implementation, the protocol design or anything similar. >Especially, XEL is not meant to be speculative or used as any kind of storage of value; if you act differently you do it at your own risk anyway. > >If you do not accept this disclaimer >or if you live in a jurisdiction where running a cryptocurrency >or if you live in a jurisdiction where using cryptography >or if you live in a jurisdiction where any other part of XEL might be illegal (or not explicitly allowed) >or if you live in a jurisdiction where this disclaimer does not have 100% validity >then you are not allowed to proceed and use XEL at all. >{.is-danger} <a href="https://github.com/xel-community/wiki-official/blob/master/LICENSE" title=""><img src="https://img.shields.io/badge/license-GNU%20v3.0-green.svg" alt="license"></a>